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Catalytic Experiences

Values and Alignment

Can I have an impact?

  • Explore need
  • Identify value
  • Determine fit

Discovery & Research

What does success look like?

  • Define objectives
  • Clarify “From ➔ To”
  • Co-create approach

Synthesis & Design

What insights will shift your perspective?

  • Analyze trends
  • Curate case-studies
  • Customize presentation

Inspire & Catalyze

How do I inspire you to take action?

  • Connect the dots
  • Tell the truth
  • Practical application

Sustain & Transform

How can we make change stick?

  • Insight & recommendations
  • Exclusive content
  • Accountability videos
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I’m not interested in giving some cookie cutter presentation, I want to help you move the needle. I obsess over your objectives and deliver a customized experience to create the outcomes you need.

You amaze me - Your ability and willingness to customize material that resonates with audiences and reinforces brand goals is incredible. I've hired speakers that range from ex-presidents to mountain climbers to Nobel Laureate economists. You deliver more bang for the buck than all of them!”

Hilton Hotels Worldwide – Executive Producer

Areas of Expertise

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Accelerating Growth

Turning challenge into opportunity and Disruption into Competitive Advantage ⟶

Competing on Value

Solving Problems Worthy of a Market Leading Position ⟶

Driving Alignment

Creating a Culture of Growth, Innovation, and Accountability ⟶

Full Length Demo and Director's Cut

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Testimonials by Industry

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From the creative's in the editing rooms of LA, to the Chairman himself in New York, Peter has had a profound impact on this company. It is very rare, to find someone who is both engaging and whose work is clearly based on ground-breaking research and genuine insight into what makes a business and its leaders successful in today's uncertain marketplace. I have no hesitation recommending Peter to any organization looking to drive innovation deeper in their company and wanting to inspire their leaders to think differently and take the necessary risk to future-proof their business.

News Corporation – SVP

You've been an absolute wonderful partner, adjusting to our transitions and pivots along the way. Brilliant. Agile. Trusted. Confidant. Integrity. Inspiring. These are some of the attributes I use when describing your contribution to AT&T. Thank you for what you have brought us... It is corporate life changing for us and you have left a lasting impression on the leaders of AT&T!

AT&T – President

Sheahan was the best outside speaker we have had at this conference in 10 years. He added real value and he was able to put into words, what I have been feeling. His presentation was literally perfect.

United Technologies – Chairman

Your insights were exceptional and I appreciated the research you did and the focused attention you gave to our particular needs. Your content was spot on for this audience of global leaders and I sincerely enjoyed our time together and received many comments on the value you brought to our global managing partners meeting.

Deloitte – Global CEO

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