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My own ambitions and relentless pursuit of personal growth have led me to found and scale 4 global companies, all focused on creating profitable business models that solve higher-order, socially significant problems. We have done well, by doing good in the following areas:



Peter Sheahan Inc: Inspiring leaders to step into their power and behave in ways worthy of their leadership positions.

Karrikins Group: Creating companies that matter so we can each revel in the purpose and meaning that comes from doing work that matters.

ChangeLabs: Improving the lives of millions of young people by authentically connecting companies to their communities.

Educator Impact: Changing the world, by changing schools. Improving schools by improving teacher practice.

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Peter Sheahan Inc.

Catalyzing leaders to turn challenge into opportunity and disruption into growth.


The operational demands of the business are a magnet for executive focus, and over time the short-term orientation results in organizations that are optimized for a world that no longer exists.


Highly customized experiences for leadership teams that catalyze them to rise above the limitations of their current thinking and commit to unleashing an ambition worthy of their market leading position.

Over the last 20 years we have learned that there is immense business value and leverage in a provocative and inspiring shared experience for leadership teams.



Accelerating leaders and organizations progress to the future


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Karrikins Group

Transform and align your organization to realize purpose-driven ambitions.


Disruption brings increased complexity because the opportunities emerge in the white space between silos and functions, and not in predictable, already scalable value chains. Most executive teams’ function as a group of individual leaders who report together, rather than high performing teams. The challenge is most leadership teams confuse their agreement with true alignment.


By making the invisible visible, and holding leaders fiercely accountable for their commitments, we move leadership teams from passive agreement with their strategy and ambition, to active alignment.

We stand in the fire with leadership teams to create organizations that outperform the limitations of strategy, structure, and market conditions.

CEO-led transformations

36 Karrikins Group
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You’ve been an absolutely wonderful partner, adjusting to our transitions and pivots along the way. Brilliant. Agile. Trusted. Confidant. Integrity. Inspiring. These are some of the attributes I use when describing your contribution to AT&T. Thank you for what you have brought us… It is corporate life changing for us and you have left a lasting impression on the leaders of AT&T!

AT&T – Ken Fenoglio, President


We have worked with Peter and the team to reframe our go to market thinking. Not only do they provide a fresh view on how to approach the ever-changing market, they do it in such a way as to build buy-in and excitement among our team. They are thorough, optimistic and effective. In my mind one of the best values in a consulting engagement we have ever had.

Cardinal Health – Don Casey, CEO

ChangeLabs (EY)

Maximize the business value and social impact of community investments.


Consumers and talent are demanding that the companies they engage with are better citizens of the world. The problem is most corporate community investment has no evidence of impact and almost never aligns to the strategy.


As an early pioneer of conscious capitalism our mission was to increase both the business value and the measurable social impact of these investments. By creating shared value we were able to justify more and more sustainable sources of funding and our massive signature programs - which carried the brands of our visionary partners like Apple, IBM, CBA, Optus, Mondelez – are now some of the world’s largest, most awarded, and effective behavior change programs in the world. We literally change kids’ lives!






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Educator Impact

Using data to improve teacher quality, school culture, and student well-being.


Teachers are under-valued, school cultures are amongst the worst of any organizations, and too often we choose to use punitive measures in repeatedly unsuccessful attempts to improve both.


Through evidence-based frameworks for understanding excellence, 360-degree data gathering, and focused professional development, EI has created powerful cultures of continual improvement at leading schools around the world. This improved practice is balanced with equal investment in measuring and responding to changes in well-being across the student and teacher populations, enhancing the overall health of schools.






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